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50lbs/ 3 stone 8lbs / 22.7 kgs

LLiz released 50lbs/ 3 stone 8lbs /22.7 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme. Liz has kept that weight off for more than five years and since enrolling in Slimming Together has found her entire life opening up. She is a perfect example of the Life Transformation Diet promise of “a leaner body and a larger life!”

Liz says: “Since joining Slimming Together over five years ago now, my life has completely changed for the better! I’ve lost 50 lbs and I feel full of energy, pain free from joint stiffness and migraines. I enjoy life to the full, playing golf, aerobics and singing in a choir, which I absolutely love. Shopping for clothes has at last become fun again and less stressful!

I can truly say Slimming Together has totally transformed my lifestyle. With Joanne’s support and guidance, not only regarding nutrition and weight management, but even more importantly her guidance on developing our appreciation of our lives, building self-worth and self-esteem – my whole outlook on life has changed. I’ve actually never felt happier or more confident. Through the weekly Slimming Together classes, I’ve learned to control that negative voice in my mind – the “mad monkey” as Joanne calls it – and I’ve become focussed on making the right choices.

Thank you, Joanne, for all your inspiration and motivation. Congratulations on your 30 plus years of success – I recommend your Slimming Together programme to anyone who wants to lose weight but more importantly to change their lifestyle and raise their self-esteem and confidence!”

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70lbs/ 5 stone / 32 kgs

KKaren released 70lbs/ 5 stone / 32 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme. In just one year, Karen has reinvented herself and improved her health and vitality greatly. Feeling a renewed sense of confidence and aliveness, Karen is loving life.

Karen says: “Like most people on some level I knew how to lose weight – eat less and move more – but what I struggled with was applying that knowledge regularly and consistently no matter what was going on in my life. Joanne helped me to understand what the root causes of my weight gain were and it is this that enabled me to make a more permanent change.

A traditional ‘diet club’ talking about points and recipes would not work for me. I needed to understand what triggered my behaviour towards food and develop strategies for changing this behaviour. Joanne’s Slimming Together classes offer a great blend of advice, information, coaching and encouragement. Her programme helped me clarify my goal and kept me motivated while educating me on how different foods affect our weight, energy, mood, and happiness. I also found the community feeling within these classes really helpful in gaining perspective and the comradery kept me focused despite the challenges along the way.

Joanne has incredible empathy with her clients, based on her life experience and extensive knowledge in this field. She is able to read people and know when we need comforting, coaching, or challenging in order to stay on track. I love Joanne’s biopsychosocial-spiritual approach to health and weight-management. I also found her book, Slim, Happy & Free an invaluable guide. In just one year, my life has totally changed. I feel confident, I’m socialising more, participating more, and most of all, I’m LIVING more!"

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42lbs/ 3 stone / 19.1 kgs

EEmily released 42lbs/ 3 stone / 19.1 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme. Emily enrolled in Slimming Together with her handsome husband, James, and her lovely mother-in-law, Michelle. Emily and James each released 42 lbs and Michelle has been successful too. What a stunning couple Emily and James are!

Emily says: “Since enrolling in Joanne’s Slimming Together, I can’t believe what I’ve achieved. Much more than weight loss, Joanne’s cognitive behavioural therapy and wellbeing talks have had a strong effect on my self-confidence, which has escalated. I’ve become a happier, chirpier, funnier person! As a designer, it’s important that I have confidence to share ideas and offer opinions. I used to hold back, but Joanne has instilled a new sense of self-worth in me that has given me the confidence to speak up and express myself. I feel more creative, excited, and enthusiastic.

Joanne’s programme has taught me how to change my whole mindset, so much so that last month I decided to take myself right out of my comfort zone and participate in a tandem skydive, something I always said I’d never do! The experience was incredible, and proved that I was no longer the shy 20-something who would hold back. Joanne is an incredible inspiration, who keeps motivation running week after week. She never judges and has an amazing energy and smile that greets everyone with a warmth. I find Joanne’s talks so informative. I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and it has completely opened my eyes. Our experience of Joanne’s Slimming Together programme has been wholly positive; I’m so glad we took the Life Transformation Path.”

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42lbs/ 3 stone / 19.1 kgs

JJames released 42lbs/ 3 stone / 19.1 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme. James enrolled in Slimming Together with his beautiful wife, Emily, and his lovely mother, Michelle. They have all been extremely successful in losing excess weight and in bringing about a radical improvement in their health and confidence.

James says: “As someone who has always struggled to keep my weight under control, it’s been great to find a weight programme that has completely transformed my life. In the initial months after joining Slimming Together, I was aware of how much more energy I had and how active I felt. As a few more months went by and the weight loss started to alter my shape, my confidence increased significantly; I started to take pride in my appearance. I used to hate shopping for clothes – it was always a real chore – once I’d lost weight it was a revelation to be able to go into high street shops and find things that fit.

Another big change for me is that I’ve been able to keep the weight off. Joanne’s talks each week keep me motivated and focused so even when I have a challenging week I find it easy to get back on track. Every week I take on board Joanne’s advice; I’ve never questioned my food choices before, but some of the nutritional information Joanne teaches has led me to make BIG changes to my eating habits. Much to my wife’s delight (and surprise), I actually gave up my life-long love of Diet Coke and also dramatically cut down on red meat. We’ve taken Joanne’s Life Transformation Path as a family – we love Joanne’s classes and we are all healthier as a result.”

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26lbs/ 1 stone 12lbs / 11.8 kgs

LLee-Anne released 26 lbs/ 1 stone 12 lbs / 11.8 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme. Lee-Anne was amazed to see the weight loss and health improvements achieved by both her father and sister when they attended Slimming Together. Lee-Anne decided to join them and now she celebrates her own success story. We love our beautiful Lee-Anne – she is an inspiration to us all.

Lee-Anne says: “I spent most of my teenage years feeling that my weight was slowly spiralling out of control, especially when I was socialising on a very regular basis. When I got engaged, I knew I had to do something about it before I walked up the aisle. I decided to join Joanne’s Slimming Together after seeing the great results my dad and my sister had achieved on the programme. I reached my goal with Joanne’s support and felt wonderful on our big day. Since then, I’ve had two bouncing baby boys and Joanne has helped me keep my weight down over a period of years now.

I can honestly say that I have never felt more at ease with how I look – even after two kids – and I feel healthy and well. I have learnt so much from Joanne over the years, especially on health and nutrition and I have completely changed my outlook on food and diet. It’s not just about slimming for a holiday or an event – Joanne’s programme teaches us a way of life. She taught me how to think differently. Investing in my health is best gift I can give my children – I want to live a long and healthy life with my family. I pass on Joanne’s pearls of wisdom to them too, so we’re all benefiting.

Even though I’ve achieved my goal, I still attend my weekly Slimming Together class because I continue to learn so much from Joanne and I love seeing all the other success stories too. I hope Joanne continues for another thirty years – she does an amazing job in helping us feel happier and more confident.”

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49lbs/ 3 stone 7 lbs/ 22 kgs

TTracy released 49lbs/ 3 stone 7lbs / 22 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme and reversed Type 2 diabetes. Tracy has transformed her life since enrolling in Slimming Together in April 2015. When she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and prescribed medication, she called Joanne immediately. In just a few months, she was taken off medication and the word “diabetic” was removed from her file. This beautiful lady now loves life to the full.

Tracy says: “When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I was absolutely terrified. I had three risk factors – I was overweight, over forty, and there was a history of the disease in my family. I came home from the doctor’s surgery and called Joanne right away. I could hardly speak to her for crying. Joanne immediately took charge and she told me she would help me recover my health and avoid complications. I panicked at the thought of losing a limb or losing my eyesight.

By the end of August, my doctor couldn’t believe the improvement. My blood sugar level had gone from 16.5 to being within the normal category. She took me off medication, and later that year she removed the word ‘diabetic’ from my file. Joanne taught me all about sugar and she guided me on all the lifestyle choices that would reverse my condition. When you think of Life Transformation Diet, it might sound a bit of an exaggeration that a diet could transform your life. But in my case it really has. I feel years younger. I’m living to the full. I took up walking and I am fitter than I’ve ever been. Joanne teaches us to make healthier choices as a new way of life. It’s an approach that has given me my life back. And it’s fun. The classes are positive and uplifting.

To anyone struggling with a habit of overeating, or struggling with weight or lifestyle illness or disease, I definitely recommend Joanne’s programme. Life’s too short and precious and we have to make the most of every day. Slimming Together can help you. I took the life transformation path with Joanne, and I’ve not looked back.”

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37lbs/ 2 stone 9 lbs/ 16.5 kgs

PPippa released 37lbs/ 2 stone 9lbs / 16.5 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme. Pippa is the girl with the radiant smile! She has found Joanne’s Life Transformation Diet invaluable. Pippa loves attending her weekly Slimming Together class and feels Joanne’s programme has benefited her mindset and emotional well-being as well as her physical health.

Pippa says: “I totally love this Slimming Together programme – it is so informative, particularly the cognitive behavioural therapy. I love Joanne’s teachings on overcoming self-defeating behaviours – she has helped me to stop being so hard on myself and enjoy my life more. I’ve also learned so much about nutrition – especially sugar. Joanne’s recipes are invaluable in helping me plan delicious healthy meals for myself and my family – there’s nothing complicated about the meals – they’re all easy to make.

Since starting Slimming Together, I’ve changed my outlook as well as my lifestyle choices. Losing weight is only part of the overall benefit I’m feeling. I have more confidence and I’ve tried so many new things from abseiling to dance classes and I’ve bought a new bicycle and I’m cycling everywhere. I’ve gone from someone who dreaded shopping for clothes to now absolutely loving it – I go shopping with my daughter and we have amazing fun.

Joanne has held my hand on this journey and I love attending her classes. She is so friendly and approachable. I have never felt judged. I feel so supported and I feel part of a team. Even on the occasional week if I didn’t lose weight – in fact, there were a couple of times I’d put a pound or two on, Joanne gave me only encouragement and positive endorsement. I completely recommend Joanne’s Life Transformation Diet and Slimming Together.”

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77lbs/ 5 stone 7lbs/ 35 kgs

LLaura released 77lbs/ 5 stone 7lbs/ 35 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme eight years ago – Laura reduced 5 sizes in clothing within just one year – all these years later she is still petite. Yet another Slimming Together success story, Laura proves it is possible to keep the weight off.

Laura says: “When I enrolled in Joanne’s Slimming Together all those years ago, I was so self-conscious that I asked my mum to come with me for support. I didn’t have the confidence to go alone. But within a couple of weeks, I knew Joanne was totally on my side and I felt at ease. I told my mum I was okay and from there on I was under Joanne’s positive influence, which gave me the focus and determination to accomplish my goal. Joanne championed me and my life has changed in so many positive ways since I met her. I love fashion and dressing up – whether I’m wearing a strapless dress or a cropped T-shirt and jeans, I feel great. In these past eight years, I found a wonderful man and got married, and I’ve progressed in my career too. Joanne’s Slimming Together programme has been a lifeline for me. Joanne is a powerful life coach and her guidance on so many life issues helped me take charge and begin living life to the full. Joanne can help you too. If you want to lose weight and change your life, enrol in Slimming Together right away. Joanne’s books are brilliant too – if you can’t get to classes, you’ll love the books.”

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33 lbs/ 2 stone 5lbs / 15 kgs

JJulia released 33 lbs/ 2 stone 5lbs / 15 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme. Julia is an elegant, gorgeous lady and since losing excess weight, she is enjoying the freedom of her wardrobe once again. She was inspired by a friend who had lost weight at Slimming Together and that gave her the push to begin her own journey.

Julia says: “I’ve always been naturally slim and I’ve never had to worry about my weight or about what I eat. It was a bit of a shock when I started gaining weight, and slowly it crept up. I weighed myself and discovered I’d gained more than two stone, but despite my efforts, I could not seem to shift the weight on my own. When my friend told me about Slimming Together, I jumped at the chance to go with her. Joanne was very welcoming and friendly and by following her recommendations and her meal plans, the weight steadily dropped off. I was inspired when I saw results, and my inner determination to make healthy changes grew stronger.

It felt wonderful when my clothes started fitting again. I’ve enjoyed buying some new clothes and refreshing my image. More than this, though, it’s the difference in my energy and confidence that have given me a new lease on life. I’m enjoying life and I’m having fun with my new wardrobe.

I still very much enjoy attending my weekly Slimming Together classes and I find that it really helps to ensure I keep off the weight I lost. Enrolling in Slimming Together meant I was able to achieve my goals and it has definitely changed my life for the better.”

  • Emma after | Success Stories Slimming Together®
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28lbs/ 2 stone / 12.7 kgs

EEmma released 28lbs/ 2 stone /12.7 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme. Since releasing excess weight, Emma’s natural sense of fun and terrific sense of humour are shining – she is a joy to be around. We are thrilled for her success.

Emma says: “After many years of yo-yo dieting, I made the decision that this time I would succeed, and with Joanne’s encouragement, I am succeeding. Before attending Slimming Together, I didn’t realise how important the cognitive and emotional aspects were in making the changes I’d wanted for so long – I’d always thought it was only about what we consume. Joanne is a cognitive behavioural therapist and a nutritional therapist and she blends this together so well to bring a holistic approach. We learn so much at Slimming Together classes that helps us in every area of our lives – it’s not just all about weight. This approach is very unique and we’re lucky to have Joanne here on Jersey.

I love going to my Slimming Together classes – even if you feel low, you always come out full of positive energy and refreshed, ready to start again. Joanne shares so much information on so many different subjects – she is absolutely amazing. She has guided me in taking control of my weight and this has given me the confidence to take control of other areas of my life too. Life is definitely better since I joined Slimming Together.”

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28lbs/ 2 stone /12.7 kgs

MMichelle released 28lbs/ 2 stone /12.7 kgs on Joanne Reid Rodrigues’ Slimming Together programme. Michelle is an elegant beauty who makes every outfit look like haute couture. She has a new lease on life since taking the life transformation path with Joanne.

Michelle says: “Since joining Slimming Together, the most significant benefit I’ve experienced is the increase in my energy. I am a complete fan of Joanne’s Rapid Results programme – this eating plan totally works for me. The healthier diet has improved my energy physically, and the weekly classes are so informative and positive that my outlook on life is much more optimistic. Mentally and physically I have much more energy.

I find Joanne’s talks so inspiring and I get something out of her class each week that helps me in other aspects of my life including my work and my home life. In fact, because I was doing a great job of maintaining my weight, I decided to have a break from my weekly class. While my weight was fine, I quickly found I missed the classes and it was at this point I came to realise the value of this programme as a life support that goes beyond weight management. I returned right away.

Joanne has taught me that nothing is impossible if you believe in it strongly enough. Her Rapid Results book is amazing – I take my copy virtually everywhere and I refer to it again and again. I wore my first copy out and Joanne gave me a replacement – I’ll soon need to replace the replacement! If you follow it to the letter, it will work for you too.”