House Rules

  • Slimming Together is not a “weigh and go” system. Slimming Together is a structured programme and we require you to stay to each class. If you are unable to attend your regular class, you can attend any other class on the schedule. We respectfully ask you to refrain from attending just to be weighed or from leaving before the class has finished since this is not permitted. Please respect this important house rule – it’s in place for your benefit and for the benefit of the whole.
  • Slimming Together courses run consecutively and classes unattended cannot be reclaimed. Refunds are given only on the rare occasion that a class is cancelled by Slimming Together. Circumstances such as illness, work, holidays, or personal commitments are not counted for refunds. Courses are non-transferable.
  • Here’s the great news: We operate a reward scheme for any of our members that introduce friends to our programme. You will earn 2 FREE CLASSES worth more than £17 if you introduce just 2 new members to Slimming Together.


Class Etiquette

  • Please arrive on time as latecomers often interrupt the flow.
  • Please do not text or read emails during the class talk since this can be distracting for the speaker and for those sitting nearby.
  • Please bring a healthful snack or meal and feel free to eat once you’ve been weighed – you can even munch away during the talk. In winter months, a flask of hot soup is a perfect way to warm up and feel comfortable. We like you to be well nourished and energised for in this way you’ll enjoy the class so much more, and you’ll absorb the teachings.
  • You may attend your Slimming Together class without being weighed. We encourage you to release any anxiety you might feel from time to time feel about being weighed. The scales are merely an instrument to measure your weight. Give them no authority over your psyche.
SlimmingTogether® | Feedback
  • Feedback

    “Please give us honest feedback. We want to make Slimming Together a great experience for all our members and we value your guidance and communications. Tell us if there are subjects you’d like covered during your course and we’ll include them. Tell us about what you like and what you perhaps don’t like – how can we improve our service to you? We all learn from one another and we are open to your suggestions and feedback.”
    Joanne Reid Rodrigues, SlimmingTogether®