Respectful Living – Self-Respect & Respect for Others & All Of Life

The Slimming Together Philosophy is based on respectful living – self-respect and respect for others and all of life. Respecting our body, we take care of it and treat it with the kindness it richly deserves. Respecting our body, we feed it nourishing foods in the correct measure.

SlimmingTogether® | Eating Clean, Natural Unprocessed Foods

At Slimming Together, we help you shift your thinking to engender peaceful, positive emotion. We encourage you to eliminate the language of dieting and to focus instead on making respectful choices for your body and your life: This is the heart of our philosophy. We encourage you to dissociate from the concept of 'going on a diet' as very low calorie or fad diet methods set you up to fail. Losing weight and keeping it off long-term require permanent lifestyle changes. At Slimming Together, we teach life-management and healthful dietary practice as a way of life.

We are so much more than the body we reside in. And we’re definitely not just a number on a scale or a clothing size. For too long people have diminished their sense of self-worth as they’ve judged themselves harshly for being overweight. We teach you to love, appreciate, and value yourself right now, for here and now you are already good enough, and already deserving of all the good life has to offer. Your past does not have to determine your future. You are free to start afresh and choose anew. We believe the ultimate goal you have for your life is to enjoy health, happiness and peace of mind. Your self-worth doesn’t need to be earned – you already are worthy and deserving – your self-worth needs only to be embraced, and fully accepted by you.

The nutrition aspect of our programme is based on eating natural unprocessed foods, preferably organic where available; foods that nourish the body as nature intended. Our classes and customised courses offer well-constructed teachings on a variety of subjects to assist our members to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and inner-strength and balance. Our primary desire is to encourage and uplift each life that we are blessed to encounter in the course of our work. At Slimming Together, we're not interested in helping you achieve temporary weight-loss, but in helping you make significant, lasting progress over the long-term. We guide you to cultivate a kinder, respectful relationship with yourself and with food.

SlimmingTogether® | Respectful Living Training

Respectful Living Training

We encourage you to accept full responsibility for your life. It takes courage to stop blaming others as well as 'circumstances beyond our control' for anything that appears to go wrong in life. It’s easier to blame someone else than to consider our own part in creating our predicament. It’s easier to blame than to better our attitude and change our behaviour; yet creating the life of our dreams requires us to act appropriately, consistently. Along your own life transformation path, you’ll discover as all our clients do that losing weight is merely the wrapping for the gift: the real reward is the inner-growth you experience as you become adept at making choices that support your wellbeing. It’s a feeling that engenders confidence and greater joy.