Whether you’re enrolling for the very first time or an old friend returning to our classes, we warmly welcome you! We’d be delighted to share positive energy with you and assist you to achieve your goals. We offer expert advice on science-based nutrition, cognitive behavioural therapy, and all aspects of life-management and personal development. We can help you get to the root of your emotional overeating and other self-defeating behaviours and help you make real and lasting changes to your life and lifestyle. In addition, as a Slimming Together member, you will have opportunities to attend a selection of intensives with Joanne Reid Rodrigues.


It’s always a pleasure to welcome old friends back to our group, so if you’re considering re-enrolling, please be assured that we would love to see you! We all need encouragement to manage our weight long-term, and Slimming Together exists to help you through every stage of life. We know that some folks might feel awkward if, after succeeding on our programme, they slip a little and gain weight. However, there is no need for any self-judgement or unease, so please have no concerns. Weight-management is like housework - it’s never done. Sometimes we need a helping hand to get on top of the situation. There is no failure in asking for help or returning to our classes. In a similar way that we visit our dentist every six or twelve months to help prevent any problems getting out of hand, many folks return to Slimming Together to keep an eye on their weight. You’re in very good company!

Simply For Inspiration

Many folks attend Slimming Together classes simply for inspiration to manage various aspects of their lives and relationships – this programme is about so much more than your weight. If you’d like to enrol or re-enrol, we are here for you and we welcome your return.