Weight-Loss, Wellness, and Holistic Life Coaching

If self-defeating habits are preventing you achieving your potential, give yourself the gift of private coaching with Joanne. Self-defeating behaviours offer a short-term reward and help us feel better in the moment, but such habits have consequences that diminish our confidence and feel-good factor over time. If you’d like to release self-defeating behaviours and make constructive life changes, schedule a personal 1-2-1 session with Joanne. As a qualified, registered cognitive behavioural therapist, Joanne will help you shift your thinking to effect positive change in your emotional state and behaviour, thus helping you to enrich your life.

How to Schedule Your Personal Coaching Consultation

If you live on Jersey or are planning a visit, Joanne can see you in person at the The Align Health Agency, Suite 2. 8 Lido Medical Centre, St. Saviour’s Road, St. Helier.

If you live elsewhere, you can schedule a consultation via Skype or telephone.

To schedule private coaching with Joanne, call +44 (0) 1534 856490 or e-mail. Once an appointment is confirmed, click here to proceed to our online shopping facility where you can pay for your consultation. All bookings must be paid in advance, though appointments can be changed if necessary.



Joanne is also a qualified, registered science-based nutritional therapist. She coaches on subjects including:

  • Life Transformation Diet for weight-loss and vitality
  • Dietary intervention to alleviate symptoms for all physical conditions
  • Ending emotional and disordered overeating
  • Ending emotional drinking and other self-defeating habits
  • Releasing anger and resentment
  • Making peace with your past and finding peace of mind
  • Relieving stress in a natural way
  • Overcoming depression in a natural way
  • Attaining work/life balance
  • Developing authentic confidence
  • The healing power of forgiveness
  • Spiritual guidance on life issues and soul growth

Price List for Private Coaching Consultations:

£110 per 50-minute consultation
£165 per 90-minute consultation
£305 for 2 x 90-minute consultations (saving £25) to schedule immediately or within 3 months.

Private Coaching with Joanne
  • Together we'll bring about positive change in your life

    “Managing our weight often depends on how well we manage our lives. If you’re using food or alcohol to avoid feeling painful emotions, I can help you change that. If you’re tired of struggling alone I can help you succeed. I know your worth; I know your potential. I believe in you. I know you can flourish. Together we can bring about positive change in your life.”
    Joanne Reid Rodrigues, SlimmingTogether®

Invest in Private Coaching with Joanne