The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Why can bad things happen to good people? Why do good people sometimes do foolish things? Many people live with a sense of sadness and regret. They blame themselves for what they’ve done and what they’ve not done. Some turn anger inward and evoke guilt and shame, while others might turn anger outward holding other individuals accountable for their pain. The pattern of blame creates an energy block that often drives self-defeating behaviours, eating disorders, addictions, or illness. If you’ve always viewed forgiveness as a soft option only for doormats, or thought that forgiving is condoning abusive or improper behaviour, Joanne will lead you to a new definition of forgiveness as a transformational tool. The act of forgiving ourselves or others is the ultimate way to accelerate our growth and find peace. Forgiveness is the greatest healer. It sets us free.

Joanne Reid Rodrigues | Forgiveness & Mindfulness | SlimmingTogether®

Mindfulness for Stress-Less Living

Have you ever walked through a lovely park or country trail and then upon review realised that you’d missed the entire experience because your mind had been somewhere else? You’d been in beautiful surroundings yet you missed it all – you were there, but your mind was not. Perhaps it had been planning a project or worrying about a future event. How much of our lives are we missing by not paying attention? Whether you’re a busy parent or a business executive or both, you can attain a higher degree of self-mastery. Our minds were created to serve us, but if we become a slave to our mind we might experience anxiety or depression, or feel overwhelmed at times. We’re often so busy making a living that we miss the experience of life itself. Becoming mindful helps us to savour life.

In this training, Joanne shows you how to live more in the moment and guides you in developing compassion for yourself to become your own champion. Learn how to emerge from trials and tribulations without resentment or becoming bitter; but stronger and wiser for the experiences life deals you. Letting go of the past brings healing and emotional freedom. If you’re feeling stuck, this course will help you get unstuck and move your life forward in a most positive way

The Life Transformation Path to Forgiveness & Mindfulness for
Stress-Less Living – Join Joanne

This uniquely prepared course will cover many key subjects including but not limited to:

Key Course Topics…

  • Ending the battle and beginning the awakening: Challenging familiar paradigms of forgiveness and exploring empowering new definitions of what it means to forgive.
  • The ego mind is the cause of all unhappiness and emotional suffering – understanding the nature of the ego mind and learning how to tame it for relief from chronic negative automatic thoughts.
  • Forgiveness as a tool for self-healing and personal growth – when we stop scratching an old wound it will stop bleeding.
  • How to be in the moment more – mindful eating, mindful movement, and mindful speech.
  • Mindfulness as a way to empower the cells of the body and become healthier.
  • Compassionate listening to enhance your relationships and exercises in “watering the flower” to nourish your children’s souls.
  • Forgiving someone who has passed over.
  • Forgiving the unforgivable.
  • The tale of the father and the son – a lesson for us all.
  • Choosing peace over drama.

The primary outcomes of this course will be…

  • A new definition of forgiveness that puts you in the position of power.
  • Tools to help you increase the harmony in your relationships.
  • A beneficial shift in perspective and expanded awareness of life’s purpose.
  • A clearer understanding of why forgiveness is a demonstration of self-love.
  • New friends.

Notes on the course…

  • Please be assured that participants do not have to share anything personal with the others in the group. However, the group interaction is stimulating and fun, and all input is most welcome. Some participants prefer to listen and absorb; others enjoy participating. Each approach is right and welcome.
  • We do stop for short breaks during the longer sessions to refresh.
  • There’s Q & A time with Joanne.

Joanne will next be teaching The Healing Power of Forgiveness and Mindfulness for Stress-Less Living on Jersey in March & October 2018

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Full Cost of the Forgiveness and Mindfulness Intensive with Course Notes: £110

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Corporate Training with Joanne
  • Forgiveness & Mindfulness

    “There’s no use looking back and wishing we’d done things differently. Let the past go. It is finished. It’s what we do today that matters.”
    Joanne Reid Rodrigues, SlimmingTogether®

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