Solution-Focused Coaching

Joanne is an expert communicator and a highly experienced trainer skilled in shifting people’s perceptions to effect constructive behavioural change. Joanne gets to the crux of people’s issues quickly and delivers sage guidance to help them flourish. She will work with you to establish the company’s objectives and create a training session or programme that is uniquely designed to help your people overcome obstacles blocking their personal and professional success.

As an executive you’ve heard all the statistics over and over again about how many billions of pounds are lost in the UK every year due to sickness from stress, depression, infection, and back-ache. The question is: Is your business adversely affected by absenteeism due to sickness? Giving your people access to the finest wellness coaching can raise their morale and reignite their commitment to your company. It’s a prudent investment.

Excellence begins with self-management: Our health, our time, and our energy are our most precious commodities. We achieve little when we’re stressed, depressed, or fatigued. As a renowned and leading health expert, Joanne can inspire your people to practise a lifestyle that results in naturally good health.


Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

Joanne has been studying, practising, and teaching emotional intelligence and mindfulness for twenty years. She is a pioneer in the field and her writings on the subjects have been published in the UK and the US, and Australia. Emotional intelligence and mindfulness are critical to physical and mental health, and essential for sustained professional success. Joanne’s clients include medical practitioners and mental health specialists as well as people in law, finance, and other business paths, and those in performing arts. She has a depth of knowledge, skill, and experience, and her genuine interest in the people she coaches transforms the way they demonstrate self-respect and respect for others.

The interactions between individuals in your company create an atmosphere that directly affects your business and prosperity. When people are happy at work they are loyal and more inclined to go the extra mile. Joanne will work with executives and team members individually and together to establish respectful, positive communication, and where necessary assist in repairing relations and resolving differences.

Joanne coaches on:

  • Mindfulness for Stress-Less Living, Optimum Health, & Work/Life Balance
  • Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Professional Success
  • Habits of Authentically Confident People
  • Developing a Calm/Assertive Approach to Life and Business
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Overcoming Mental Obstacles and Fear
  • Lifestyle Choices for Higher Energy to Increase Productivity
  • Lifestyle Choices to Strengthen the Immune System for Excellent Attendance
  • Lifestyle Choices to Alleviate Inflammatory Pain (neck, shoulder, back and knee pain)
  • Understanding Stress and Restoring Poise in a Natural Way
  • Understanding Depression and Improving Mood and Confidence in a Natural Way
  • Weight-Management and Life-Management Skills
  • Self-Discipline as A Key to Freedom and Success

Corporate and Executive Coaching packages are customised to fulfil the requirements of individual businesses and gatherings. Invite Joanne to give a 1-hour Keynote Address or a Half Day, or Full Day, or 2-Day Training Package. Fees are established accordingly and will include expenses if flights and overnight stay are required. Contact Joanne today to discover how she can revitalise your people and boost their morale for better business.

Corporate Training with Joanne
  • Emotional intelligence is critical for relationships to work.

    “The only way to get the best out of the people who are building your business is to make them feel valued, recognised, and respected. People can be magnificent. People can also be petty and small. When people have issues, either personal or interpersonal, there can be a disruption to the creative flow and productivity within a company. Relationships between workers and management are often the cause of stress and absenteeism – developing emotional intelligence achieves improved communication between management and workers. Businesses built by a harmonious team thrive.”
    Joanne Reid Rodrigues, SlimmingTogether®

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