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STHi! I’m Joanne Reid Rodrigues and I’m the founder of Slimming Together, my weight-management and personal development programme. I conquered junk-food addiction and obesity. I transformed my own life and for the past thirty years, I’ve helped many thousands of people to reverse obesity and obesity-related health conditions. Slimming Together promotes education and inspires positive change. We’re original and innovative and unique from any other slimming class or method available to you today. My Life Transformation Diet is health-and-results oriented and designed to increase your energy and vitality, as well as enhancing your mood. My Slim, Happy & Free principles guide you on ending emotional overeating.

Discovering Authentic Confidence

As a cognitive behavioural therapist and science-based nutritional therapist, I work holistically to help you release self-defeating habits. Authentic Confidence is my life-management programme for healing our mind, body, and soul. I’ve created a series of empowering courses to help enhance every area of your life. You will learn how to practise mindfulness for stress-less living and explore with me the rich healing power of forgiveness. I’ll guide you in applying the habits that authentically confident people have mastered and much more. I warmly invite you to explore how my courses, my private coaching sessions and my books can help you live a healthier, more joyful life.
If you’re ready to take the life transformation path to a better way of life, I can show you how!

Joann's books

Joanne is the author of Life Transformation Diet: An Inspirational Guide for Changing Behaviours, Releasing Weight and Living a Better Life and Slim, Happy & Free: The Ultimate Guide to Ending Yo-Yo Dieting, Finding Peace, and Fulfilling Your Life. Buy Joanne's books.

Coaching Sessions on Jersey
Slimming Together
Classes on Jersey

If you live on Jersey and wish to join Slimming Together, you can purchase a 10-week course and enrol online. Find a class near you on our Slimming Together class schedule.

Coaching Sessions on Jersey
Private Coaching

If you’d like to have personal coaching with Joanne you can see her at her consulting room on Jersey. If you live elsewhere you can book a session by telephone or Skype. Give yourself the gift of private coaching with Joanne. You’re so worth it!

Corporate Training
Corporate Training

Invite Joanne to customize a training session especially for your place of business. Joanne can guide your employees in all aspects of healthful living, life-management, and emotional intelligence. Managing stress and depression in a natural way and achieving a better work/life balance results in higher efficiency and productivity in the workplace.