Joanne's Podcasts

Joanne is a resident expert on The Talk to Dave and Phil Show in Glasgow. In these recordings, David and Phyllis chat with Joanne about becoming Slim, Happy & Free and David gives Joanne a big surprise live on air – then in the next podcast, Joanne speaks of why she thinks obesity should not be labelled a disability.

Reflections on Being Slim, Happy & Free

Should obesity be considered a disability?

Scotland’s Chat Radio

Joanne is a regular guest expert on Scotland’s premier community radio chat programme, The Talk To Dave & Phil Show which airs every week on community radio station Pulse 98.4 in her home city, Glasgow. Hosted by journalist and media consultant David Boyes and therapist and counsellor Phyllis Joyce, the two-hour show addresses serious issues affecting the lives of ordinary people in an unchallenging, down-to-earth setting in a light-hearted entertainment package. transmits on 98.4FM and is available online at

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  • Full of wisdom, insight and common sense…

    “Joanne is the author of Slim, Happy and Free. This is the book I go on and on and on about. This is the book we should be telling the Scottish Government about; this is the book that doctors should be handing out to people who say they have a disability. No one tells it like Joanne – no one shoots from the hip like she does.”
    Phyllis Joyce, Therapist and Counsellor